The Benefits of Cats and Greenery in and Around LAU

Leila Bou Chaaya
3 min readOct 26, 2021


The greenery around campus is essential for maintaining a positive and healthy mindset for students. The cleanliness and well maintained greenspace filled with adorable stray cats is the perfect place to have a quick break and study.

You would be lucky if you got any minute of complete silence in Beirut. In this overcrowded city, relaxing and forgetting about the outside world would be a miracle. The huge amount of lousy cars in the city not helping, you can barricade your windows all you want you will still hear your neighbors screaming, the cars down the street honking, and the dogs around the corner fighting.

Place of Abdul-Salam Bou-Azza El-Gezairi, Basic Traffic in Beirut

Studying must be a real challenge, but there is still one therapeutic place you can find peace, and it is on campus. It changes from the dirty streets of Beirut, where trash piles up around every corner.

Beirut Lebanon Streets

Being able to take a breath of fresh air, observing the trees, feeling the calming wind and overall being able to unwind and take a break from reality can really help a student focus more on his academics and boost his productivity.

“The steps leading up to the main building look like a staircase to heaven. The scene looks like it comes right out of a movie, studying on campus motivates me a lot.” — Ralph, Hospitality and Tourism Management Student at LAU

LAU Beirut Campus

Having a clean campus is a must, and our university never fails at keeping it that way.

A clean, well maintained greenery is the perfect place to relax, study, and maybe make furry friends. A bunch of cats have made the campus their home. Being known for calming anxiety, stress and depression, having cats around campus can be a huge help. From the most adorable to the friendliest, they are guaranteed to give comfort to students that need it most.

Stray Cat on LAU Beirut Campus

Cats also play their role in keeping the campus clean, especially because they take care of rodents. When Maria, an industrial engineering student at LAU was asked about her perception of the campus, these were here words: “Honestly, my favorite thing about being on campus is playing with the cats. There’s this one cat that I particularly love, I named her Oreo, haha. On a more serious note, cats on campus are so cute, a quick pet before class is a must!”

Oreo, LAU Beirut Campus

Make sure that on your next visit to campus, you take the time to appreciate every detail about it. From the adorable cat begging for pets to the beautiful trees surrounding you, take the time to breath it in.



Leila Bou Chaaya