Financial Aid Cancellation During Financial Crises at LAU

According to several students at LAU, it has been confirmed that the university has detracted financial aid from some of its students. Obviously, this has created intense range when it comes to the ability of families and individuals to pay the complete tuition, seeing Lebanon has already fallen into financial crises beyond repair.

This will potentially put a huge dent in the families financial abilities, since they would have never applied for financial aid, if they where able to compensate the full tuition in the first place.

This has forced parents and students to go out of their way to retain every form of income that they can get their hands on. Some students have resorted to working multiple jobs just to secure small amounts of the tuition. This situation has even led to extreme outcomes such as parents having to leave the country for work purposes, since their salaries are no longer useful to teach their children and feed them at the same time.

A Journalism Student currently studying at LAU, that preferred to stay anonymous, who unfortunately was one of the victims answered, “We are honestly getting by day by day, and are completely unaware of what the future holds for us in terms of everyday expenses and especially my education; we are hoping things will look up soon”, when she was asked how her and her family are being able to secure basic necessities now that all their financial assets have to go towards financing her education.



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